Find Out When It’s Time to Call a Residential Electrician

Electrical systems usually show warning signs before something dangerous can happen. Knowing what these signs are, and what they mean will help you understand the gravity of the situation. Sometimes, it may be something that you can fix yourself, but most of the time you will need the assistance of a professional residential electrician.

Circuit Breakers that Trip Often
When one or more of your breakers tip often, it’s a signs of a problem somewhere in your home’s electrical system. Homeowners should be aware that these problems are very serious and must be addressed immediately. Meanwhile, they shouldn’t reset the breakers more than two times. If a breaker trips off immediately after you switch it on, then you should leave it off. Forcing it may lead to more damage.

Mild Electrical Shocks
If you feel a tingle or mild shock when touching any of your appliances, then you have a grounding problem. All electrical devices have protection features against electrical shock, however, they won’t work as long as your home doesn’t have outlets with ground connection. Most old homes are equipped with simple electrical systems, that don’t have a grounding feature. Make sure you hire a residential electrician, and have him inspect your home.

Burning Odor
If you notice smoke, or feel a burning odor coming from your appliance, outlet, switch, or any other electrical device, then immediately switch off the electricity in the house. It’s very importan not to turn it on until you have a licensed residential electrician fix the issue.

Flickering Lights
If any of your light fixtures is unusualy hot, or the light are flickering, then you may have a problem with the fixture itself. Make sure you switch the light off and call in an electrician. If you reside in Salem, MA, then you should definitely call SHAWN P MORAN SR ELECTRICIAN. We offer timely and efficient services at affordable rates. Our number is (781) 535-8299.